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A manuscript is not fully read for publication until it has been edited. We give you an excellent opportunity to polish and complete your work.

Package comes with grammar & spelling

To paraphrase the English poet John Donne, no one is an island. This is particularly true of writers because behind each other is a skilled editor who can scrutinize your manuscript and help refine it into a professional quality work.

Investing in an editor is a crucial step in bringing a polished, purposeful, and completely error-free book into the world.

Anotherstory4u takes a sympathetic approach to editing. Whereas other companies require sending your manuscript away and waiting patiently for a response, we are with you at every turn. By putting you in direct contact with the editor assigned to your manuscript, we promise regular correspondence, transparency, and established trust. 

Editing involves several stages designed to tackle the obstacles facing all writers. First, we ask you to take part in our Manuscript Reading Service. This will provide you with comprehensive commentary on your manuscript as a whole, drawing attention to your book’s strengths as well as suggesting ways to proceed in the editing process.

After determining your needs, we will recommend one of several levels of editing:

If you’re interested in charming your readers and hooking potential buyers, we also offers blurb writing services, which includes an author’s bio as well as the captivating teaser to accompany your book during publicity campaigns.



Ibi is our very creative African writer, Ibi Kontein. Ibi from Nigeria, Africa, and she brings to her stories a love for the little things in life.

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