Film & Cartoon

Do you want to create a brief video to promote your book? Nothing helps your audience to show interest in your work than a visual display. The key to holding a modern audience is quite simple and emotional engagement.

In today’s fast-forward-button-loving world, it’s easy for any writer to get lost in an ocean of books and publicity if they can’t impart the heart of their book quickly and with emotional relevance.

Our antidote to digital marketing woes is to offer professional and well-designed book trailers that operate as both a wonderful marketing tool and an impressive piece of art in their own right.

Signing up for our Teaser Trailer production service first provides you with a consultation in which you tell us exactly what you want your book trailer to impart to the audience. Our job is to find the best way to achieve this goal using the magical fusion of images, sound, and words. By the end of the process, you will have a professional thirty second to three minute trailer.

By drawing together a team of illustrators, voice actors, and video editors, we able to offer three types of teaser trailers: 

  • Still-frame video capture the essence of your book in a combination of still images, speech, and music

  • Storyboard videos fill in one or more scenes from your book and sets them to dynamic colored illustrations, voice acting, and music to suit the mood.

  • Line drawing videos (sometimes known as whiteboard videos) literally illustrate your ideas and narrative with dynamic live drawings. We also offer them in color.


All options follow the thorough and time-tested approach of proceeding step-by-step through concept, outline, scripting, editing, production, to finishing touches.

Still-Frame Video

Imagine pulling all your favorite scenes, images, and lines out of your book and projecting them onto your wall. Now bring in your friends, your partner, or your neighbors and show them the things that have been mulling inside of you all this time.

How they will swoon! How they will applaud!

Yes, you really came up with all that.

We know first-hand how thrilling it is to see your own ideas come to life. Luckily, will a still-frame video you can do exactly that.

This options provides you with custom illustrations, professionally written script and voice acting, and carefully-chosen background music.

Storyboard Videos

If you had to pick a favorite scene from your book, what would it be? We know, it’s hard. It’s like asking a parent to choose their favorite child. But give it a shot, and imagine that scene brought to life with dynamic animations, a full range of colors, and expressive voice acting to fill in some of your own crafted dialogue.

Swaying golds and greens to capture your fantastical forest? A tense pauses to hint at that thick unrequited love between your protagonists? Sweeping cares and sidewalks to animate your bustling metropolis?

If this gets your heart running, then a Storyboard Video is right for you. Extremely adaptable, this option is a great publicity tool for both children and adult fiction. 


Line Drawing/Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard videos have taken the world by storm, and for good reason. Used by everyone from corporations and academics to artists and motivational speakers, they are an unparalleled way to form a dynamic and lighthearted relationship with your audience.

Choosing this options will provide you with a custom-made storyboard and script. Once they are approved by you, these drafts will be given to a talented artist and video producer who will energize your ideas will live-action line drawings.

There are two options to choose from: