Digital Graphic

Your manuscript is finished and complete! Congratulations! We can prepare it so that it is formatted for publication as an eBook. That’s a necessary step. As eBook continue to soar in popularity, designers are working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your text and images are perfectly formatted for all electronic devices.

The goal of a layout designer is to allow the reading experience to be as enjoyable as possible, to allow the eyes skate along the page as through on clear winter ice.

Luckily, our designers are trained to put themselves in the readers’ shoes and create a reading experience that keeps eyes in your book, not distracted by formatting flaws. 

Our EBook Layout service guarantees that your book displays all the hallmarks of a perfect design:

Our designers can also convert your eBook to EPUB(.epub) file format. This format is the wide-spread in the eBook industry and guarantees that your ebook can be downloaded and read on nearly all electronic devices and e-readers.

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