Audio Production

Grab your listeners’ attention with appropriately placed sound effects. Whether they are in the foreground or background, pre-recorded or originally created, sound effects recapture your listeners’ attention and refocuses them on your message.

You’ve finished your video or track, and while it looks perfect, it still needs something to refocus your audience to keep them engaged with your message.

Adding sound effects at appropriate times will help your audience refocus their attention. We offer sound effect packages that include sounds such as accidents, applause, traffic amongst many others.

Alternatively, our agents can provide you with professional audio post production for projects such as animations, trailers, short films, website videos and others. Our agents can also perform many functions including sound design (FX, SFX), Foley, audio syncing, dialogue normalization, professional mixing, audio editing and audio cleaning.

Sound effects can enhance your work by making it more lively, surprising and effective. Contact us to learn what will make your piece outstanding.

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