Audio Production

You have the music, but you need to add something more. With any instrument and in any genre, an independent session musician can give you the edits and additions you need to complete your sound. You may have music that you want for your website or even some form of release. Even so, it may need some specific additions or improvements.

Trust one of our studio musicians or singers to tighten up your song. Our musicians have access to a professional studio and produce high quality results. The instruments they supply range from violins or violas, to electric or acoustic guitars to acoustic drums to all kinds of vocals. All of our musicians are experienced and professional and can work with or without sheet music. 

Our guitarists offer solo or rhythm tracks using a variety of high-quality instruments. Our vocalists are strong and versatile, providing both back up and lead vocals. Working with your instructions, or using their own interpretations, our artist perform all genres from Blues to Heavy Metal.