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It is essential that you’re supplied with healthy, clean, and high-quality drinking water through superior equipment and unmatched customer support.

Hard water in your home might not be a concern for your health, but it is certainly a concern for your pipe and plumbing fixtures.

Sooner or later, hard water can rust or otherwise deteriorate the pipework, causing leaks. Not to mention hard water has an undesirable taste to it and makes it difficult to safely clean sensitive fabrics, surfaces, dishes, and more.

The water treatment technicians are here to take care of your hard water problem with a water softening solution. They can install, replace and repair water softeners and water softening systems of all sorts of makes and models, including WaterTech, Reionator Pro Ultra, SoftMAX™, FerroMAX™, and NitroMAX™.

Water is “hard” when it has a high minerals content. The minerals are generally not dangerous for people to drink, but they can cause all sort of issues.

Water softening systems take the untreated, hard water and flow it through specific resins that strip away the unwanted minerals. An internal brine solution in the softener will clean the resin, allowing it to keep its efficiency, usually for years.

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