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When it comes to preserving an art treasure, there isn’t any option better than frames. Trust the experts to frame just about anything.

With smartphones, each of us is walking around with tens of thousands of photographs of our friends, family, and pets every day.

The framing experts offer their years of experience in framing photos, prints, artwork, documents, fabric art and memorabilia to conservation standard.

Their considerable woodcraft skills enable them to expertly design and construct – or repair – almost any type of frame including box frames for displaying 3D objects such as sports jerseys, medals, and artifacts.

Their expertise in fine art and conservation framing enable them to produce virtually any kind of high quality frame design.

Their training in conservation framing ensures your valuable artwork or treasured memorabilia will be handled with care and framed with materials and methods designed to protect and preserve it – as well as enhance its display.

They also offer a comprehensive range of mouldings, mat boards and glass to suit all budgets.

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