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Garages are quickly becoming a useful and helpful element for living. Constructing a garage comes with several benefits.

There are many things to take into consideration once you’ve decided to add a garage to your house. Do you go with an attached or detached garage? 

Should you opt for an oversized garage to allow for extra storage, or stick to a more conventionally structure? The answer depends on your particular situation, and an expert can help you make that choice.

Garages are built and used for various reasons these days including traditional usage or as living and entertaining space.

Some of the building services offered include:

        • Building extension
        • New build
        • Renovations and refurbishment
        • Garage conversions
        • Loft conversions
        • Shop fitting services

Garages are important when it comes to property value and living space. An expert extension builder can convert a garage in ingenious ways. What’s more? An extension can increase the value of the home by 10%! That’s a brilliant way to a higher asking price, for those looking to resell their homes.

Get the elegance and efficiency you deserve by taking the first step towards your garage addition today.

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