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Your chimney takes a beating from Mother Nature. From extreme temperatures to heavy rain and snow, even the toughest-build chimney can deteriorate over time.

Experts use the industry standard vacuum technology for dust control, as well as high tech chimney scan camera to view your chimney flue system for any unforeseen issues. 

Regular chimney maintenance is important for preventing damage and expensive chimney repairs, however, all chimneys require repair at one time or another.

If you notice smoke coming into your home or that your home is drafty, you should consider having your fireplace damper inspected.

The top repair services include:

        • Broken bricks: small repairs can save a lot of money.
        • Loose mortar: keep your chimney sealed to extend life and save money.
        • Leaky chimneys: don’t let small leaks become huge problems.
        • Draft problems: An efficient team will troubleshoot & fix your problem.
        • Chimney relining: broken or missing liner? no problem.
        • Masonry repairs: tuckpointing crown repair, chimney rebuilding, chimney reflashing and much more.
        • Chimney restoration: Cost effective flue sealing.

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