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At least once a year, you must unplug your dryer and check the vent connected to it. Most likely, it’s filled with lint and possibly other debris.

Your clothes dryer needs to “breathe” in order to perform properly. If the lint is causing an airflow deficiency or restriction, this really puts a strain on the dryer itself.

Thus, leading to either a service call, a costly appliance repair, or a failed dryer component. This obviously and needlessly is costing you more money and time to operate the dryer every single load. 

Did you know that thousand of structural fires occur every year due to clothes dryers? It is estimated that those fires incur more than one hundred million dollars of property loss each year along with deaths and injuries.

The most common cause of dryer fires is a clogged dryer vent. This problem can be totally prevented with proper and regular cleaning. 

Buildup within a dryer vent may also slow down the efficiency of your dryer. This results in higher utility costs and a poor functioning dryer. Having less stress on the machine will also help to extend the lifecycle of your dryer.

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