Script to eBook

The Journey from Writer to Author

Are you struggling writing your script, or finishing, or even getting it published?

Our team of freelancers who can take your script to the next level, will work with you one on one. We are here to assist you in accomplishing your goal!

Uploading an eBook

Upload a complete eBook direct to your FREE author’s page, along with your personal information, details of your book, and post it on your author’s page. A display section of all your work will be showcased for the customers to browse, purchase or communicate with you in real time. 

Create your author’s page

Upload a partial script directly to freelancers who can help you finish it up. It all starts with proofreading, so when you upload your ebook we take your script forwarded it to a proofreader/writer who will give you their opinion and a quote as to what the script is going to require to go to the next level.

Check your email for a status update, and view your quotes on the website. Read through your list of freelancers, chose the one you want, and start discussing your script. Supporting, Motivating, and Appreciating Authors. The Process of Publishing your eBook brings to light some great benefits.


  • Linking your social media to your author’s page
  • Promoting and marketing your eBook
  • Creating eBook YouTube Videos
  • Social media promoting tools