The Mushroom King Series

Springtime means the Great Forest Market is open. What starts out as an exciting trip for Oliver, turns into one of the most difficult challenges ever faced by the Great Forest.

When Wellington Weasel is called on to save the Great Forest, he quickly gathers a team together. Only by working together will they be able to solve the mushroom mystery.

Wellington and his team are closer than ever to finding out what happened to their friends. As they head deeper into the forest, they soon find some clues.

Wellington and his team finally discover the Mushroom King. Otter is sent to trick him into giving them the secret plant that will help their families grow again.

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Life in the Great Forest can be beautiful. The Fresh Market, for example, is always magical and fun. But something is wrong at this time. Things don’t seem right. As it turns out, this terrible problem is one of the most difficult challenges to ever occur in the Great Forest. Wellington Weasel is the one who takes on the task of solving the mushroom mystery. With a fine team to work with, they find the secret to the dangerous events. The Mushroom King holds the answer. Can everything be made right?