The Golden Net Series

Maggie lives a simple life by the sea. When the fishing boats come back empty-handed one day, little does she know the future of her people is in her hands.

Maggie has arrived at the Great Forest and must now find her way to Minerva. Luckily she meets up with one of the forest's most famous and very helpful chipmunks.

With the help of the Great Forest's master explorer, Maggie leaves on a journey to find Lynn of the Lake and receive a special key.

Maggie finally has the golden key. Now she must travel to the bottom of the ocean to find a secret treasure locked away inside a giant oyster.

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Beyond the Great Forest on a sandy island lived a young girl called Maggie. She was the daughter of a poor fisherman. Everyone in her village depended on the daily catch of fish taken from  the sea. One day a most unusual thing happened. When the fisherman pulled up their nets, there was nothing in them. All the fish had gone! That night as Maggie rested in her bed, she had a strange dream that would change not only her life, but the lives of everyone on the island and prove great things can come from very humble beginnings.