Peter the Mouse Series

Peter was scared of the outside world and hid away in an icy castle. When the ice began to melt, a friend showed him how wonderful the world could be.

A relaxing river journey soon turns into a castle building adventure for three friends. Along the way they discover that home truly is where the heart is.

Peter enjoys his days in a beautiful animal paradise where creatures from different lands gather to spend time together. One day an animal arrives that's very different than the others.

Peter enjoys spending time with his friends, but one day they start to mysteriously ignored him. After spending time alone, he is soon treated to a wonderful surprise.

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It’s very easy for a little mouse named Peter to be afraid of the world. At first, he hides away in an icy castle, but soon a friend teaches him not to be afraid. He learns how wonderful life with many other lovely animals can be. With the arrival of an unusual creature, named a dragon, Peter learns an important lesson. Soon, Peter is taken on an exciting journey, one that he can never forget. Even though he is a happy animal, he finds out what ‘home’ is really all about. As time goes by, Peter learns his most important lesson.