Percy the Pirate Bundle

Percy the pirate was struck on a deserted island. He had no friends and became very lonely, so he decides to escape by attracting a passing ship.

Percy left his life as a pirate to become a clothing maker, but if he thought life as a tailor would be boring, he soon found out differently.

Percy is left in charge of the farm while the Wizard goes away. One day a little bird tells him the Wizard needs his help!

Percy is sent on an important mission by the Wizard. As he follows the directions of a mysterious poem, he soon makes a wonderful discovery.

Percy is giving three important tasks by the wizard. If he can complete them in time he will become the wizard's new assistant.

A late night visit from a witch leaves the Wizard under a powerful spell. Percy must find the tears of a dragon to wake him up.

Percy is met by a witch who places a powerful spell on the wizard's home. Only the dust from a very special fairy can undo the spell.

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Percy started of as a pirate who is left alone on a island. Soon he is rescued by a passing ship, but he needs to start a new life. At first, he decides to make clothes for other people, but it turns out his adventures are far from over. He becomes the helper of a friendly but powerful wizard, and his life changes in every way. From horses with wings to evil witches, Percy learns about magic and begins a new life. As a wizard’s apprentice he is part of a world that is full of difficult surprises. How does Percy solve these problems? It’s always a wonderful story when Percy is involved. Come and join the adventure.