Kay and the Kangaroo Series

Holly hopes to see her good friend again after a very rainy week apart. When the sun finally starts shining, she finds both her friend and a watery adventure.

Holly and Kay go on another colorful and fun-filled adventure under the sea. This time they discover a sunken ship filled with treasure!

Holly and Kay meet for another underwater adventure! WIth their shared love of painting, the two friends set out to bring colour to the ocean floor.

Holly and Kay share a meal together, but Holly’s picky eating habits make a difficult experience. Her friend soon teaches her the important of trying something before judging it.

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When you think of kangaroos you might picture the beautiful land of Australia. But the kangaroos in these stories live in a very peculiar place: under the sea! Join a little girl named Holly as she travels to the ocean with her family. There you’ll run with her along the golden beaches as she searches for her magical friend Kay the kangaroo beneath the blue waves. As you travel with her to the ocean floor you won’t need to hold your breath. The power of our imagination will take us with her!