J.J. Jackrabbit Series

J.J. was a rabbit who loved to run. He wanted to be in the Great Forest Race and get his name on the runner’s stone, but not everyone played fair.

After his race with the cheating cheetahs, J.J. is sent by Minerva the owl on an important mission to save a frog prince. He’ll need his speed more than ever.

J.J. Jackrabbit is taking a rest after his latest adventure and sees something strange falling from the clouds. Using his incredible speed he quickly jumps into action.

J.J. and his new friends Marion and Bub are called together by Minerva the owl in a race against time to save the Yubtub flowers from the coming darkness.

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Rabbit are known for their long ears, big feet, and cute puffy tails, but they’re also known for their speed. They love to run! Of all the rabbits in his village, J.J. Jackrabbit lobes it the most. It’s his dream to win the Great Forest Race, the biggest running competition in all the land. He’ll have some stiff competition when the cheetahs enter the race. Later, as J.J. becomes known as the fastest creature alive, he’ll be called on by the most important animals in the forest to put his speed to good use and help others.