Blue Fur Series

Blue Fur is a little bunny who loves to have fun, maybe a little to much fun.

Blue Fur meets a new friend and learns a valuable lesson about the power of sharing. It never hurt to have a fairy on your side either.

Blue Fur and his sister are playing in the snow when they notice a glowing tree. When his curiosity gets him in trouble. Blue Fur learns an important lesson.

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Blue Fur has a good family and lives in a nice part of the forest. Unfortunately this doesn’t always keep the curious little bunny from getting in trouble. In this bundle package you’ll see Blue Fur learning a person needs to be careful about what they wish for. He also learns that you should listen to your elders because they’ve lived a long time and can give you advice to keep you safe. In our final story, Blue Fur learns what it means to be a true hero when he gives something very important of his to someone else.