Jazzy the Caterpillar Series

A small caterpillar literally drops into a journey of self-discovery as she meets two of the Great Forest's famous animals. For her this is just the beginning.

Jazz is slowly making herself at home. One day while out with her new friend, something strange begins to happen, signaling the start of the caterpillar's great change.

Jazz is enjoying her new home when suddenly she receives an unexpected visitor. After she learns a dragon needs her help, she quickly agrees to go find him.

As summer ended in the Great Forest, the leaves weren't the only things that were facing change. In order to stay in her home, Jazz must make a big decision.

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The Great Forest is a very large place. It’s easy to get lost among all the living things, plants and animals, that live there. Especially for a little caterpillar named Jazzy, finding her place can be very difficult. With a little bit of help she has great success. She finds a new home, but that’s only the beginning of her wonderful adventure. Caterpillars change into something amazing. There are many kinds of animals to learn from, even a fire breathing dragon to test Jazzy’s new life. What kind of end can summer bring certainly, it must be a big surprise.